An Azerbaijani Love Song, a Unicycle and a “Vision” of Euro

May 15th, 2011, by

If you weren’t one of the 125 million people who tuned into the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend — the annual celebration of song, dance and foppery that maintains the word “Euro” as a disparaging adjective — you’re probably dying to know who won.

Perhaps it won’t come as much of a surprise (I, for one, had them pegged as winners in my office’s Eurovision pool) but this year’s champions were the Azerbaijani duo Ell and Nikki with their bumpin’ track “Running Scared.”

Others, however (ahem, Gordon in HR) felt that the prize should have gone to Sdob Si Sdub, a “rock” act from the landlocked Eastern European state of Moldova  Their high-energy performance featured a woman on a unicycle, as well as some charming (traditional?) wizard hats. While the Moldovans certainly brought plenty of energy, they lacked the heart of the loveable Azerbaijani duo.


Among the contenders for the Euro-pop crown were high-haired Irish favorites “Jedward,” whose anthem “Lipstick” can be seen below. Not being a huge Jedward fan myself, I can’t say their defeat was a big deal for me. But hey, I’m still hung up on Sertab Erener’s big win at the Riga contest in 2003. You call that dancing??


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