Arrested Development on Netflix

November 30th, 2011, by

Rumors have been circulating for years about the return of the cult hit sitcom Arrested Development, none of them backed up by anything other than the offhand comments of the show’s creators and stars, and the wishful thinking of its legion of rabid fans. Until now, that is.

Straight out of left field came the announcement recently that a new season of Arrested Development was moving ahead on schedule for 2013. The source: Netflix. Not content with merely streaming shows from other networks and studios, the online entertainment giant is now getting into production. This huge news, not just for the fans who have been anxiously awaiting the return of the infamous chicken dances, but for the TV industry as a whole.

A recent article on Fast Company (via Fresh Air) took a look at the growing war between Google, Amazon and Facebook, for not just the most online traffic, but for the future of innovation itself–from mobile computing to music to social interaction. And yes, apparently TV production as well. As Netflix joins the fray, it brings to the fore the question of where our entertainment will come from in the future. The Arrested Development announcement came alongside another one about Netflix producing a forthcoming series starring Kevin Spacey and directed by The Social Network’s David Fincher.

These are rapidly changing times for media of all kinds; and while shows exclusive to Netflix come with their own potential problems, the thought of new episodes of Arrested Development are enough to make me optimistic for the possibilities.

Last modified: November 28, 2011 at 6:50 pm