Bob Dylan’s Weird Christmas

December 20th, 2011, by

To be perfectly honest, I’m no big fan of Christmas music. With the exception of Vince Guaraldi and, of course, the infamous Bowie/Crosby duet (although I think I like the John C. Reilly/Will Ferrell version better), it’s a matter of just enduring it until January.

That said, I get a special kick out of Bob Dylan’s 2009 Christmas album, “Christmas in the Heart.My appreciation is based more on the fact that I’m fascinated by Bob Dylan and all of the inexplicable weirdness that’s emerged from his singular brain over the years, than the music itself, which is pretty standard holiday fare. All of your favorites are here, including “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing,” “Winter Wonderland” and “Little Drummer Boy,” all sung in Dylan’s unmistakable (and frequently unintelligible) nasally drawl.

The music is one thing, but the accompanying music video to “It Must Be Santa” takes the (fruit)cake. The scene is what I can only imagine to be your quintessential Dylan Christmas party, complete with accordions, fisticuffs and a singing, stringy-haired hobo in a white top hat. Oh wait, that’s Mr. Zimmerman himself. It must be watched in its entirety to be truly appreciated, but you’d better believe it’s not a Bob Dylan Christmas until someone gets thrown through a window.

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