9/11 Victims and Dover Port Mortuary’s Egregious Act

February 29th, 2012, by

The Dept. of Defense confirmed news at the Pentagon regarding remains of 9/11 victims and others. Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

An independent investigation into the practices at a military mortuary headed by the Air Force in Delaware shines a light on a very alarming fact.

The Department of Defense confirmed reports stating that the remains of individuals from the September 11 attacks were cremated and placed in a landfill.

The news comes from an investigation headed by the Air Force, which was in charge of the military’s Dover Port Mortuary in Dover, DE.

– Full Report Conducted

Adding further concern to the report, the Air Force acknowledged that the practice goes back several years. I was heartbroken by the news and felt an unspeakable pain for the families affected. News reports have not indicated whether they have contacted the affected families. MSNBC reports that the Air Force uncovered the information. [The full report is available to read online.]

– Lingering Question

What’s so sad in all of this is that the resources of the American government were used in this morally egregious act. Upon reading the information, a flood of thoughts entered my mind. “Where was the accountability here, and why wasn’t this practice immediately stopped?” “Why were so many people out of touch and out of the loop on this?” And, most importantly, “Why was this allowed to go on for years?” These are all serious questions that need to be addressed in addition to official reprimands, disciplinary actions or demerits given.

– Moving Forward

The actions displayed by the Air Force in this matter are nothing short of dishonorable. The American people’s voice should be heard loud and clear on this. Get on the phone, go online and let the Air Force, Department of Defense and other officials know that this sort of thing is in no way acceptable. I suggest getting on the phone and going online to protest these actions and put the feet of those in charge to the flame. The lives of men and women affected deserve it.

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