Faith Is Only Half the Battle

April 28th, 2011, by

As many people in communities of faith pray for economic conditions to improve, it’s important to know that, in addition to prayer, legwork must be done in order to see positive results.

If there is something you want, be it a better job,  a new home or acceptance into a school or university, one must remember to couple their desire with work. Let’s look at an example.

In the Bible days, society thrived through agriculture. To that end, many of Jesus’ teachings were explained in simple terms that people could understand, using  farming as a framework for that understanding. We’ll keep that framework moving forward.

Now, suppose you lived during those Bible times and wanted a field full of crops. These crops would add value to your land, provide you with money and grant you enough resources to have a comfortable lifestyle.  It would be absolutely meaningless if someone stood in front of the field and prayed for a bountiful harvest without a single seed being planted, right? Well the same thing applies to one’s ability to be proactive in various situation and challenges. You have to plant seeds (i.e. take initiative) in order to reap a good harvest. It’s that simple.

As you continue to remain hopeful for the future, don’t think light from heaven will suddenly open up and send you a job.  It still takes work.  Lots of it.  So continue to study and work on your personal statement if you’re looking to apply to school. Keep networking with professionals if you’re looking for a new job. Continue to do the things that will end in positive results.  Once you do that, add to those works the prayer that your efforts will result in a bountiful harvest, and you’ll see a world of difference.

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