Finding Your Life’s Purpose Part 1

June 3rd, 2011, by

In a marvelous display of humanity and dignity Oprah Winfrey signed off from her daytime talk show after 25 years on the air this month. In the last episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Ms. Winfrey shared with her viewers one final lesson of inspiration and guidance. Find your purpose.

For those who are in search of their own life’s purpose, take a look at these keys that may help you find your true life’s intent.

1. What’s your passion? Ask yourself, What is it that you love doing? What do you get the most joy in life doing? If material things were not an issue what would you spend your time doing in life? This is an age old question, but one that deserves your attention. Knowing the answer to this question is the first step to finding your purpose.

2. Ask your close friends what they love about you most. These are the people who always have your best interests at heart. Not only do they know you, they also have a sense of what makes you tick. They’ve been able to observe you and have hopefully picked up on your strengths and where you shine the most. Their insight and observations about you can help you track down what exactly your life’s purpose is.

3. What’s on your personal bucket list? Believe it or not, the things that we’d like to do before we leave this earth says a lot about who we really are. For some of us we’d like to climb a mountain as a symbol of great accomplishment. For others, they may want to have enough courage to finally tell someone what’s been on their mind for some time, a symbol that may represent a need for reconciliation or healing. Whatever is on your list look to see if there’s a common thread or theme attached to them. Those items may be the proverbial breadcrumbs that lead you to your purpose-filled life.

4. Seek spiritual guidance. It doesn’t matter if you choose to pray about it or meditate about it, but get in touch with your spiritual self. As crazy as it sounds, a lot of people really don’t take the time to get to know themselves. They simply move around and take on the role of whatever their job or situation in life is. That’s not what life is about. It’s about celebrating, serving, and empowering others. Seeking to hear the voice within will get you closer to your intended goal of finding your life’s purpose.

5. Don’t give up on yourself. The process may take some time. There are certain journey’s that will take some time for you to conclude, but sometimes the journey itself will be the lessons needed most to get to your final destination. Everyone here on earth was made for a divine purpose. Some have been gifted with the knowledge of knowing what their purpose is, while others may have to search for it.  The key is to not give up on yourself and certainly not to run away if the results aren’t immediate. Simply be patient with yourself and know that the best is yet to come.

Sounds good so far? Then be sure to check back soon for more insightful tips on how to find your inner purpose.


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