George Foreman’s Knockout Success

January 11th, 2012, by

George Foreman Photo By Paul Dickover (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons.

Before he was a lean mean grilling machine salesman, he was a 2-time boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World. But, as George Foreman points out, it’s his faith and serving God that he cherishes most in his life. Now he’s sharing both his spiritual and business advice with entrepreneurs in one of his latest works.

Foreman talks about his faith, business life and much more in his book, Knockout Entrepreneur. The book touches on his life, spirituality and Christian faith. He also shares how principles of hard work, integrity and perseverance have made him the accomplished athlete and businessman he is today.

While Foreman, nowadays, is a celebrated figure in boxing and business, it’s a lifetime away from where he was years ago. He credits his transformation to a key fight in 1977 that changed his life. As he recalled in an interview with

I was on the comeback trail, fighting my way back to a rematch with Muhammad, when I lost to a journeyman fighter named Jimmy Young in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In the dressing room after the fight, I was taken out of my body. I met God, and realized the life I’d been living without him had been empty.”

From that point on, Foreman’s life changed in a monumental way. He began reading and studying the Bible, preaching to men and women on street corners and even opened a church in his hometown of Houston. His accomplishments continued to grow, including the opening of his youth and community center in Houston, a triumphant return to boxing, and having his name associated with one of the most popular selling cooking items in the nation.

Knockout Entrepreneur draws on Foreman’s life experiences and pearls of wisdom he’s learned in business from being a faithful believer. From family to finances, accountability to achievement, along with dreaming big and the power of hard work, the book is a great read. For those looking to make it in the business world and seeking to find harmony between their spiritual lives and professional paths, this book is a must-have.

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