Is Being A Single Christian Hard?

August 30th, 2011, by

Recently, I was invited by a friend to attend a spiritual conference for single men and women. The conference was designed to help those living a single Christian life fellowship more with one another, grow spiritually and learn or share some tools to help them in their quest to be pleasing to God.

It was really a great experience. A lot of people opened up and really shared some of their concerns and challenges about being a single Christian. Throughout the conference, there were a wealth of speakers on dating and relationships, forgiveness and parenting, as well as some very candid tips on how to live a spiritual life while being a single person. Here are just a handful of the tips shared.

1. Find someone to help you remain encouraged. Talk to someone who takes your spiritual concerns seriously. There is definitely a healing effect in talking to others who care about your concerns. Also, look to find those who are walking the same spiritual path, who are willing to be a friend to you along your journey. Most people are willing to help you if you let them know you’re in need.

2. Pray daily. It may sound easy enough, but those who haven’t given it a try should know — prayer works! Prayer allows one to release the challenges or concerns being faced and place them into the hands of a greater power. If you’re looking to overcome stress in life, remain steadfast in your daily walk or just seek to maintain a positive spirit in everyday circumstances, prayer is the key.

3. Read and study the scriptures. To borrow a phrase I once read, “there is no substitute for reading the Bible.” The Bible will help you remain grounded and has many stories of inspiration,  discipline and direction. As you read, you’ll come across messages of encouragement, endurance and, sometimes, even sacrifice. Reading and studying the Bible will help you develop in ways unimaginable.

4. Stay involved with activities. Staying busy can help you get outside of your own head and reality for a while. Whether it’s a recreational event, sports league, small group or other entity, staying involved keeps you active and level-headed. And that’s the best way to be when living a spirit-filled life.

5. Minister to someone else’s needs. Believe it or not, single Christians have a responsibility to take care of certain needs of the church. Focusing on the needs of others helps to put your own concerns in perspective and allows you to be a blessing to someone else. Whether it’s assisting seniors at church, helping youth and teens or visiting others in the hospital, remember to care for the “least of these.”

So, is being a single Christian too hard? No, if you implement the right tools. Putting all of these suggestions into practice may take time, but given the level of spiritual growth attendees at the conference were looking to attain, I wouldn’t be surprised if these individuals begin teaching classes of their own sometime soon.

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