It’s China Week!

July 11th, 2011, by

As you may have already heard, Tavis is on the road in China this week, hosting a series of conversations on the state of the world’s most populous nation. Conversations will delve into technology and innovation, culture, education, poverty and other important aspects of Chinese society in the 21st century.

I’ll be watching with interest, as I have been with most things China-related in the last few years. Among my favorite regular sources of commentary from the People’s Republic is New Yorker contributor Evan Osnos, who has lived in Beijing since 2005 and is the former Beijing Bureau Chief of the Chicago Herald Tribune.

Osnos’ “Letter From China” series in the New Yorker (available in print, online and in podcast forms) provides an always-intriguing and unusual expat’s perspective on topics ranging from sports to food to Internet culture and television. In a recent post about Osnos’ experience with his “Turtle King” electric bike, you can get a good sense of his quirky, funny style.


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