Lowe’s & the Radicalization of Bad Decisions

December 22nd, 2011, by

Protestors react to Lowe's pulling their ads from TLC

After the utterly mind-numbing decision by Lowe’s stores to pull their advertising from the TLC program All-American Muslim, people have taken to the streets.

Protestors in Allen Park, MI and Brooklyn, NY gathered in Lowe’s store parking lots to voice their frustration and disagreement with the North Carolina-based company. Apparently, a show about a family that showcases their life, everyday challenges and faith is too controversial for Lowe’s.

Hmm. I wonder, if TLC had shows called All-American Jew or All-American Christian, would corporations have felt pressured to pull their ads? It’s that kind of warped thinking which led to the current firestorm that Lowe’s is currently facing.

Protestors across the nation have every right to be infuriated at the lack of respect and indecency Lowe’s displayed. And yet, in this case, the pressure to pull ads from the show says more about the level of intolerance from the groups protesting the show than Lowe’s themselves. It’s a shame Lowe’s couldn’t see that.

TLC has a long history of showcasing programs that aren’t seen on mainstream television. Audiences are given a rare look into what really goes on behind closed doors in the lives of those that some might otherwise not have a window into. Everyone from political leaders to those in the advertising industry have expressed how horrible of a mess their decision was.

Nowadays, corporations can get into hot water at the snap of a finger and find themselves reeling from the backlash for some time. So companies, take note: don’t allow the fringe elements to hijack your message or your image. The damage can be costly.

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