Now That’s Spooky

October 23rd, 2011, by

Ossian Brown is a British musician, whose experimental works with the duo Cyclobe marry abstract electronic noises with acoustic arrangements to create atmospheric soundscapes. His stuff isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly unusual, noteworthy and–above all–quite spooky.

Brown recently turned his attentions to a new medium, however, and released Haunted Air a book of photos, with a foreword by David Lynch, chronicling Halloweens of the past. Through a collection of found vintage photos dated from 1875-1955, Haunted Air presents portraits of real people, posed in their costumed finest, and amounts to a visual history of the festival from some unexpected places.

Selectism has a great gallery of photos from the book, and you can check out some of Brown’s music here. As one might expect, the two go really well together.

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