Organized Religion on the Decline

March 20th, 2011, by

Could religion become extinct like The Dodo Bird? One study suggests yes. Photo: Booth Museum of Natural History

An Interesting Study
From Dodo birds to dinosaurs we know that certain things don’t exist anymore; but could religion be the next to go? It’s a possibility, according to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Arizona and Northwestern University (reported at the American Physical Society). In their findings, the researchers concluded that the number of respondents not affiliated with any particular religion was so great that religion could become extinct.

Where Decline is Greatest
In countries like Canada, the percent of people not affiliated with any religion is projected to rise to 60% by 2050. Australia, Ireland and New Zealand were also cited as countries where religion looks to be on the decline.

Curiosity Settles In

After I read the information, I was left with a lingering set of questions. Are people surprised by these findings? Are these findings the result of people around the world simply rejecting the message of religion? Or, are these numbers the result of religious leaders and believers not sharing their message of belief with others? Most importantly, what do these numbers mean to you?

What’s Next

Do you think these numbers spark more individuals to ask the question: Why are people turning away from religion? Or, will people simply ignore it and move on with their lives? I’m always curious as to how people come to conclusions in their lives, especially around matters of faith and belief, and I’d love to see your thoughts expressed here.

Final Question: Have people begun to adopt their own practices or does this news simply prove that there’s plenty of work to do in reaching the masses?

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