Pat Robertson Does It Again

September 19th, 2011, by

Televangelist Pat Robertson Photo Credit: Paparazzo Presents

My Open Letter.

(Given Pat Robertson’s head-turning comments recently on The 700 Club, I thought I’d write an open letter to the gentleman. You can read it here.)


I know you’ve been on TV for years. Millions who tune into The 700 Club have loved hearing your cherished insight and wisdom as it relates to God.

But lately I’ve been concerned. It seems as though you’ve been missing the mark. The advice given to the gentleman about his friend and what he should do was way off base.

While to your point, Alzheimer’s Disease might be a type of death in your opinion, it is not in fact “death” in the literal since. Now, if there is a deeper meaning behind the word “death” that you’ve found and studied and can share with others, by all means, please do share. However, if The 700 Club is still designed to give insightful wisdom-filled advice based on biblical teachings then don’t shy away from doing that work. Continue to embrace that work.

I guess what troubles me most is the fact that this isn’t the first time your comments have stirred controversy. When you said Haiti had, in some way, made a pact with the devil, which was the reason so many suffered in the recent earthquakes, that was wrong. Then there was the time you tried to link Hurricane Katrina to American abortion. Both of these comments sparked the attention and ire of many throughout the country and parts of the globe.

Pat, I don’t know if the thoughts you shared are in fact your honest thoughts, a mere lapse in personal judgment or just a ploy to get more ratings. What I can say is that these statements you have made were truly disheartening and really unbelievable to both casual and faithful viewers alike.

The better response would have been to tell the gentleman to please pray about his friend’s concerns, pray for his friend’s encouragement with this difficult situation, and pray that he would have the type of compassion God would be pleased with towards his wife. Stick to giving advice like that. That’s what makes The 700 Club the program it is. Anything less would be just plain talk — and we’ve seen where that leaves you.

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