SEEN & HEARD: June 18 – 29, 2012

July 2nd, 2012, by

We closed out the month of June with a lot of self-reflection and insight.

Economist Joseph Stiglitz, actor Jeff Daniels and law professor Peter Edelman each had their own opinions on the state of American politics and culture. While their opinions were quite candid, one could argue that they can spark some positive change. Filmmaker Jonathan Demme had his own input on American politics and culture; he shared with us who his heroes are.

Musicians, actors, songwriters: they’re a lot like us, except touched with fame and recognized talent. But they do a lot of self-reflection. Musician Glen Hansard, actors Morgan Freeman and Kristen Johnston and songwriters Alan and Marilyn Bergman gave us a little insight on how they hone their crafts.

And speaking of insight, filmmaker Peter Berg let us in on why he wanted to make a documentary about boxing trainer Freddie Roach. And Roach let us know just how he felt about that experience.

Farewell June, and hello July!

All images by Van Evers, Tavis Smiley Media, Inc.

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