Tales of a Rascal: Robert Blake Follow-Up

May 10th, 2012, by

You asked for it, and it’s finally here. Robert Blake’s autobiographical text, Tales of a Rascal, is now published and available on Amazon.

Our exclusive two-part December 2011 conversation with Robert Blake revealed much about the actor’s life and times since his famed murder trial. At the time he sat down with us, the Baretta star was still working to market the book, but gave us a sneak peek on the details of his life, since he maintained a low profile.

“But you could ask me that about anything in my life, because that biography is really a biography about God, because I ain’t smart and I ain’t tough, and I’m not a lot of things, but God has always had some kind of plan for me.” -Robert Blake, December 2011

Here’s a clip from the December 2011 conversation:
  • micro_citizen

    It was good to see Robert Blake on your show Tavis. Being incarcerated for a crime you didn’t do is messed up. I hope no one has to go through that.

  • Michael Mikus

    Please bring Robert Blake back on your show to continue this conversation. He needs the exposure .

  • Mike Mangum

    I commend Tavis Smiley for conducting this interview without being judgmental. He asked all the right questions and more importantly, he LISTENED and allowed Robert Blake the opportunity to TALK.

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