The Best Thing I Heard This Year

December 28th, 2011, by

There has been a lot of good stuff tickling my ears over the last 12 months, including Bill Callahan, The War on Drugs and Frank Fairfield, to name the three probably in heaviest rotation. My pick for the best new music of 2011, however, is based on longevity. Some music hits you right away and then loses its appeal, but this record has endured well enough to earn its place in my permanent playlist. All respect to Ye and Jay, but apart from “Otis” (which is a good song, but mostly due to the Otis Redding sample and the crazy-cool Spike Jonze video) their “Watch the Throne” doesn’t have a huge amount of staying power in my mind.

The album I chose is “Kaputt,” but Vancouver-based Destroyer (aka Dan Bejar and friends). It’s campy without being cheesy, fey without being mopey, and incredibly catchy. My one complaint about this album, in fact, is not about the music at all, but about the music videos for its best songs, which are about as inaccessible and self-consciously “edgy” as you can get. It’s forgivable in light of the strength of the album, but still seems like a waste if you ask me.

Here’s the title track, sans video, for your listening pleasure.


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