The Facebook-Google Rivalry Heats Up

June 30th, 2011, by

Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire kid-genius behind The Facebook, Facebook and, via Jesse Eisenberg, the Facebook movie, is not happy. Or at least so it seems from the pic on his new Google+ (Google Plus) profile, according to a blogger at Forbes.

Google+ is Google’s new social network, whose apparent function is to employ the power of the search engine megalith to destroy everyone’s favorite blue and white playground. Or perhaps LinkedIn–it’s not quite clear yet.

For the moment, unfortunately, if you or I want to go check it out ourselves, we’ll have to take a number, as Google+ is still in its testing stage and invite-only. In the meantime, journos like myself will keep speculating, and Zuckerberg (I’m assuming) will keep glowering.

The details of Google+’s (Google Plus’?) functionality are still emerging, but Zuckerberg has promised to unveil something “awesome” in retaliation next week. It’s anyone’s guess what that will be, but Gawker hazards a hopeful guess, “We’re hoping it will be a new feature that shocks people through their computer if they set up a page for their pets.” Seconded!

Last modified: July 1, 2011 at 12:13 am