The Most Inspiring Thing I Saw This Year

December 29th, 2011, by

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about purpose, passion and the value of loving your work. As part of that, I’ve been seeking out examples of such, both in “real life” and online. Steve Jobs was outspoken on the topic, and coming from one of the most culturally important figures of our age, I find his words compelling.

No one, however, comes close to Shinya Kimura. Thanks to an incredibly beautifully shot mini-documentary by Henrik Hansen, I (and millions of others by now) have the chance to see Kimura, a custom motorcycle builder, at work, doing what he loves. I think it’s worth noting that I have very little interest in motorcycles, but listening to him talk about his work is nothing short of inspiring.

Behind his singular work is the Japanese notion of not just doing something, but doing it perfectly–or at least constantly striving for perfection. Beyond that, though, is a passion for the work that shines through more brightly than any other part of Kimura’s personality. He really, really loves what he does. And who wouldn’t want that for themselves?


shinya kimura @ chabott engineering from Henrik Hansen on Vimeo.

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