The Russian Blogger You Should Know

January 30th, 2012, by

Russian protestor and activist Alexei Navalny Photo: Alexey Yushenkov

In the politically repressed country of Russia, many citizens are in social and political unrest due, in part, to the less than perfect policies of Vladimir Putin. The former president-turned-prime minister-turned political puppet master is at the center of the country’s unrest. His thirst for control over the Russian government has resulted in an acquisition of power that has now spanned more than a decade.

Seeking to restore stability and democratic change in the region through a firebrand crusade against Russia’s strong arm tactics is Alexei Navalny, an anti-corruption lawyer and blogger. This Russian lawyer-turned-online whistle blower began to draw a following as he exposed the shady dealings and fraudulent activity at the hand of state-owned utilities and companies on the web for all to see.

While many see him as a modern day folk hero, he’s no angel. Some say his nationalistic views and ideology are too extreme, with others pointing out his ability to stir the spirit of civil protest while calling on others to take a stand. As a result of his activism, he’s seen as a threat to the Russian government. He’s been the target of character attacks, investigated by officials and was recently put in jail for his resistance at a protest rally.

Navalny’s actions are indicative of the new area of activism for rights that’s taking place globally. Whether in Tunisia, Egypt, parts of the Middle East or the Occupy movements of North America and around the world, issues of economic mobility, the police state and social unrest are at the forefront of people’s lives in these modern times.

Navalny’s efforts in shedding light on the corruption in Russia, along with his ability to channel the anger of the citizens that made his own government take notice, make him not only a force to be reckoned with, but, on a global scale, the newest protestor and blogger you should know.

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