Think Before You Click that Link

June 20th, 2011, by

As worried as I was about recent cyber attacks, information security expert Dr. Rick Smith made me see that I really need to be more concerned with hyperlinks.

“The situation where you’re most likely to get into trouble is if you’re reading an e-mail and it says ‘click here,'” said the author of Elementary Information for Security. “Unless you’re absolutely positive that the person who’s sending it to you is legitimate, I wouldn’t click it.”

Links, huh? Then what about all of those shortened links that I click on blindly while perusing my Facebook feed? How can I guard against that?

“You can’t on Facebook,” Smith said. “If you’re careful on Facebook and don’t have everybody in the world as a friend, then it’s probably a little better.”

According to Smith, I could help myself tremendously by staying on top of software updates.

“If you keep all of your software up to date,” Smith said, “if there’s something bad, it’s much less likely that it will come out and get you.”

“Oh! So when I get those notices on my computer to update my software, I should do that, regularly?” I asked.

Smith paused and said, “Yeah. You should do that. Absolutely.”

Last modified: June 30, 2011 at 2:02 pm