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General account
Undivided account in which all investments are held
General partnership
Partnership that is a joint venture in which each general partner shares in the administration, profits and losses of the operation
Glass ceiling
Invisible barrier that determines the level to which a woman or member of a demographic minority can rise in an organization
Gold standard
Monetary system in which currencies are defined in terms of a given weight of gold
Good faith
Standard of conduct between parties meaning honesty in the conduct of the transaction
Grace period
Time allowed a debtor in which legal action will not be undertaken by the creditor when payment is late
Gross domestic product
Total value of a nation's output, income or expenditure produced within its physical boundaries
Gross income
An individual's total personal income before taking taxes or deductions into account; ALSO a company's revenue minus cost of goods sold (also called gross margin and gross profit)
Growth stock
Stock of a company whose business is considered recession-resistant and also possesses an above-average growth rate
Pledge by a third party to repay a loan in the event that the borrower cannot; a special case is a personal guarantee in which one personally guarantees an obligation
Guaranteed / insured loans
Programs in which the federal government makes an arrangement to indemnify a lender against part or all of any defaults by those responsible for repayment of loans (i.e. a small business loan guaranteed by the SBA)