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Named insured
Person specifically designated by name as the insured in an insurance policy; this person is also referred to as the policyholder
Net income (NI)
Individual's income after deductions, credits and taxes are factored into gross income; company's total earnings, reflecting revenues adjusted for costs of doing business, depreciation, interest, taxes and other expenses
Net operating income (NOI)
Company's operating income after operating expenses are deducted, but before income taxes and interest are deducted; if this is a positive value, it is referred to as net operating income; a negative value is called a net operating loss
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Largest stock exchange in the U.S., located on Wall Street in New York City; responsible for setting policy, supervising member activities, listing securities, overseeing the transfer of member seats and evaluating applicants
Non-exempt employee
Receives hourly wages; they are subject to wage and hour laws (i.e. overtime pay); usually applies to non-professional employees