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Duty levied on goods transported from one customs area to another either for protective or revenue purposes
Tax deferred
Investment which accumulates earnings that are not subject to taxes until the investor takes possession of the earnings, often at a point at which the investor is in a lower tax bracket than before, such as retirement
Tax number
Number assigned to a business that enables the business to buy wholesale without paying sales tax on goods and products
Taxable income
Gross income less deductions
Temp employee
Works for an agency that contracts out their work to various employers; also known as a contract employee
Time to the maturity of a loan or deposit; expressed in months or years
Term life insurance
No-frills insurance for a specific, but temporary, period of time
Term of policy
Period of time during which an insurance policy is in effect; also referred to as policy period and policy term
Legal document or certificate showing ownership (i.e. a vehicle or house)
Total value
Present worth of account, factoring all funds, including funds on hold or pending approval
Trade deficit
Amount by which a country's merchandise exports exceed its merchandise imports
Trade surplus
Amount by which a country's merchandise exports exceed its imports
Legal protection for a word, name, symbol or device which is used in trade with goods to indicate the source of the goods and to distinguish them from the goods of others
Estate-planning tools that can replace or supplement wills, as well as help manage property during one's life