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529 plan
Plan that allows for the prepayment of qualified higher education expenses at eligible educational institutions
Civil service
Civil service employment encompasses employment in Federal, state and local governmental agencies
Competitive service
Applicants for jobs in the competitive service compete with other applicants for civil service jobs usually by taking a written examination
Cover letter
Accompanies rèsumè; highlights one or two skills in order to show how one can fill a prospective employer's needs
Curriculum vitae
Written description of work experience, educational background and skills; also called a CV, or vitae, it is more detailed than a rèsumè and is commonly used by those looking for work outside the U.S. or an academic job (i.e. college or university)
Exempt employee
Also known as salaried, employee is exempt from certain wage and hour laws (i.e. overtime pay); usually applies to administrative, executive or professional employees who receive an annual salary, in equal payments weekly, bi-weekly, or at some other specified time interval
Glass ceiling
Invisible barrier that determines the level to which a woman or member of a demographic minority can rise in an organization
Interest inventory
Self assessment tool, used in career planning, that assesses one's likes and dislikes of a variety of activities, objects, and types of persons; the premise is that people in the same career (and satisfied in that career) have similar interests
Non-exempt employee
Receives hourly wages; they are subject to wage and hour laws (i.e. overtime pay); usually applies to non-professional employees
Personality inventory
Assessment tool used to determine which personality type a person falls into: extroverted, introverted, thinking, feeling, sensing, intuitive, judging and perceptive. It is used as part of a self assessment done for career planning purposes
Collection of work samples usually used by those in creative fields (i.e. photography, graphic art, etc.); can also be used by anyone who would like to show samples of work to a prospective employer
Written document that lists one's work experience, skills and educational background; used as a marketing tool for job seekers
Self assessment
First step of the career planning process; the process of gathering information about oneself in order to make an informed career decision; should include a look at values, interests, personality and skills
Status employee
Federal (U.S.) employee who may apply for other Federal Jobs based on current service
Temp employee
Works for an agency that contracts out their work to various employers; also known as a contract employee
Value inventory
Asks a person to answer questions about the extrinsic and intrinsic values that are important to him/her (i.e. earning a high salary, making a contribution to society, and having a prestigious job)