Teens Talk: Bullying

A 14-year-old in New York City describes bullying, anxiety, and how theater kept him in school.

“I’m bullied. They called me faggot. They would hit me and stuff. They were mean to me. It wasn’t cool. It especially hurt because they were my best friends and they knew my parents and I knew their parents. It was just weird. They were angry about school, they were angry about home they were angry that this kid was walking here and thought he was cool and so they beat him up. And that kid was me. We’re under so much pressure. I have friends [whose] parents don’t accept anything below a 90 average. I know kids that have high blood pressure. And they’re 15 and that’s ridiculous.”

I don’t like the academic classes, but the arts is what I live for. ┬áIf it wasn’t for theater I think I definitely would have dropped out of school. I get to act and do improv and have fun with my classmates and do something I love every day.”

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