Teens Talk: Think for Yourself

A 17-year-old student at a high school in The Bronx in New York City talks about her interest in hands-on experiences and learning from all sorts of resources.

“I am very, very much engaged in art history and MicMac, which is micro-macro economics. Both teachers are extremely intelligent and they like to talk about what they know about the subject. My MicMac teacher sits at his desk and he gives not only all his opinions, but all the videos he’s watched, all the articles he’s read, everything that’s going on right now, that’s somehow related and pulls everything out of the air and brings it all into the topic that we’re talking about, which we’ll not be tested on, but makes, makes the topic something real.”

I never imagined myself to enjoy economics. The best way I learn is in actual hands-on experience or something that can bring me out of the classroom.

I think the best kind of education is one that teaches you how to speak and think for yourself. That’s much more valuable than just passing your exams.”

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