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1994: Rwanda genocide occurs.
1994: South Africa rejoins UN.
1995: Massacre in Srebrenica
1996: UNAIDS formed

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A woman from Soweto, South Africa The Fourth Conference on Women is held in Beijing.

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United Nations Development Fund for Women
Annan with UN and NATO commanders NATO takes over peacekeeping operations in Bosnia. The new organization, known as IFOR, steps in to keep the peace after the signature of the Dayton Peace Accords ending the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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Online NewsHour's coverage of Bosnia from 1995 to the present
Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty adopted. To curtail the development of new and more advanced weapons, the treaty calls for a total ban of any nuclear weapons testing. Three countries with nuclear weapons -India, Pakistan and North Korea - refuse to sign. Although President Clinton is the first to sign it, the U.S. Senate fails to ratify it in 1999.

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The U.S. Senate's treaty debate
UNAIDS formed to coordinate UN efforts in the battle against HIV/AIDS. The World Health Organization had led the UN's AIDS effort since 1986, but by the mid-1990s it was clear that no single agency could stem the spread of HIV. Seven UN agencies formed a joint program to address the multiple factors driving the world HIV epidemic.

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Statistics, publications, campaign overviews and more

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A report on the worldwide AIDS epidemic

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