Premiered November 2006 and will air again in Fall, 2007

A century of flight has seen the warplane develop from a crude instrument of wood and wires into a decisive weapon of modern combat. Join us as we trace the technologies that drove the evolution of warplanes through two World Wars and into the future.

Watch aces battle for the skies over Western Europe in World War One; and as Britain's outnumbered Royal Air Force uses a new technology, radar, to fight off the Nazi war machine in World War Two. Later see designers develop the jet engine and the all-moving tail to penetrate the sound barrier; and Lockheed's "Skunk Works" race to develop groundbreaking, high-flying aircraft that could peek behind the Iron Curtain; and Stealth aircraft that would wreak havoc over Iraq. And, finally, take a look at the F-22 Raptor, the pinnacle of modern fighter technology - and the warplanes of the future, which go into battle without pilots.

On this website you can see clips and summaries of each of the four episodes of the series, and read about the key technologies that led to the modern warplane.

Visit the expanded Warplane site for detailed profiles of the most significant warplanes in history, and exclusive video clips of the planes in action. Also read an interview with Colonel (retired) Robert C. "Bob" Ettinger, the first test pilot for the legendary F-16 Flying Falcon, and currently Manager of Flight Test for the Global Hawk, the un-manned aircraft that may represent the future of the warplane.

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