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September 4th, 2008
FLAP: An Ohio Program Aimed at Global Learning & Language

How did Bin Che, the Chinese teacher featured in “WHERE WE STAND,” end up in Belpre, Ohio? Bin was one of 21 teachers from China, Taiwan and Spain visiting Ohio in the 2007-2008 school year, the result of international agreements between the Ohio Department of Education and the Chinese ministry, the Hanban.

Ohio is one of only four states that received a federal grant, called FLAP, for the development of a K-4 Chinese language curriculum.

In Belpre, Chinese classes have inspired students like Roger Lemley, a recent High School Graduate, to continue language studies. Due to budget cuts, however, some districts – including Belpre – are being forced to drop Chinese.


  • Peter Miner

    I really enjoy PBS (TPT) programs but I don’t like misleading statements. In the beginning of this program the statement was made that the most widely spoken language in the world is Chinese. Which is true only because China has 20% of the world population. I think the the most widely used language internationally is english. I think it makes more sense to make sure students in this country are very proficient with english before they attempt to learn a foreign language.

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