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September 3rd, 2008
Voices on Education
Video: Geoffrey Canada, President, Harlem Children's Zone
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On creating a successful environment.


  • Jerry Radigan

    Geoffrey Canada’s ideas seem sound, but we also know from research on the adolescent brain and the high poverty in our urban areas is that any progress we make early with kids can be undermined as risk-taking behavior of adolescence (due to untamed prefrontal cortex development) and underclassed gang movement into entrepreneurial illegal acts moves students right out of antiquated school systems into prisons. What we need is an innovative school system (not vouchers and charter schools that cater to those with social capital). We all need a New Deal or a Great Society for these poor communities like Jean Anyon calls for in her book, radical possibilities. Schools cannot pull people out of poverty by themselves. Berliner, the minority opinion on the Supreme Court decision that overturned Board of Education v. Brown, and the recent PBS series, Unnatural Causes, also attest to the need to introduce programs that help bring communities out of poverty like the GI Bill did for soldiers after WWII.

  • jennifer thomas

    As a five year School board member of Killing Ct.I know just how true the storys are. And we are also trying to get are programs to a point were all studens are at grade level in there grade so as to not play catch up. We want to play move forard in to the 21st century for the sake of are future.

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