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September 3rd, 2008
Voices on Education
Video: Richard Mills, Commissioner of Education, New York State
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Discusses alignment of elements within an education system and the importance of post-secondary education


  • Jaime

    Is rigor the word educators want to use? A parent of a student with special needs of mine didn’t know what the word meant and looked up the definition. I copied and pasted what she found.
    It’s important to keep individuals in mind. Teachers I work with call students lazy who can’t pass their algebra classes (the lowest class we offer at our high school). Would it be fair then to fire any teacher who is unable to do 10 pull ups by Christmas Break? We are built differently mind and body. A challenging curriculum is going to be different for everyone, just like pull ups. No matter how hard some people work some will not meet some standards set.
    Do all nations test Students with special needs?
    Enjoy the definition of rigor below :)
    Middle English rigour, from Anglo-French, from Latin rigor, literally, stiffness, from rigēre to be stiff
    14th century
    1 a (1): harsh inflexibility in opinion, temper, or judgment : severity (2): the quality of being unyielding or inflexible : strictness (3): severity of life : austerity b: an act or instance of strictness, severity, or cruelty
    2: a tremor caused by a chill
    3: a condition that makes life difficult, challenging, or uncomfortable ; especially : extremity of cold
    4: strict precision : exactness
    5 aobsolete : rigidity , stiffness b: rigidness or torpor of organs or tissue that prevents response to stimuli c: rigor mortis

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