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June 18th, 2008
Ask Aaron Brown Five Good Questions
Aaron Brown is asking for your questions.

Before Aaron makes his WIDE ANGLE debut on Tuesday, July 1, he’s participating in PBS’s “Five Good Questions” feature, which allows you to interact with the people who appear on PBS. Aaron joins PBS as the host of WIDE ANGLE. He previously worked for CNN, where he reported on the horrors of 9/11, and ABC, where he served as the host of World News Now.

Got questions about Aaron’s career? Want to know what he’s been up to since leaving CNN? Itching to find out what brought him to PBS?

Click here to leave your questions. Please keep your questions on topic. We’ll choose five good ones and post Aaron’s responses within the next week or so.

  • Doug

    Welcome back Mr. Brown.

    I enjoyed your contribution to contemplative journalism at CNN and look forward to more of the same at PBS. Empathy and emotion can be admirable qualities, but should not supplant insight and contextual analysis in the reporting of human events.
    I know you have commented on this elsewhere, but can you share your views on the prevelence of the former often at the expensive of the latter in the MSM.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Jack

    It’s a good thing you’ve stopped dyeing your hair because you look much better and distinguished with your gray.

  • Chuck Adkins

    So, when are you coming back to Cable TV?

  • John Richardson


    Good to see you coming back, its been a long time. This is your old email pal John from Minneosta, I will be sure to catch the new show.

    Let’s see, they want a question here, so how’s the golf game in AZ?

    This show looks more feature orientated, maybe deeper into fewer topics than doing an evening news cast, maybe more in tune with your writing skills and particular insights – do you feel a better fit here than doing things CNN style?

    Take Care,


    Take Care,


  • Kathleen Bockoski

    Hi Aaron: Every now and then I “google” your name, see what you’re up to and always hoping you will come back to us on TV. We serious baby-boomers really loved your style of presenting the news without the negativity of Lou and sensationalism of Wolf. That little “pause” of yours when something was not quite right, shall we say, said it all. You’re one of us, and are we ever glad you’ll be back among us on PBS. July 1 is circled on the old calendar! Welcome back – you’ve been sorely missed!

    Congratulations on your new show! Kathleen

  • Megan Hudson

    You have been a welcome presence in our home since you were with a local Seattle news station. It will be good to have you back. I’m not sure that this is a question you are comfortable addressing, but why do U.S. cable news stations assume that the viewers are more interested in Britney Spears than in Zimbabwe. In a larger context, does cable news contribute to the ignorance of the American public, or is it simply responding to it?

    Best wishes, and we will be sure to tune in.

    Megan in Mountlake Terrace, WA

  • hattie graham

    welcome back. haven’t watched cnn 10 pm since you left. anderson cooper is not my cup of tea.

  • Chris

    Good to see you back on the air. The news has most definitely not been the same without you. Your one of the only newspeople with a Human side and actually care, and not just “Report”. I’m also a military member too, and I greatly appreciate how you report on us and your sincere concern for our well being, to include our families.
    Look forward to seeing you again on the air
    CNN hasnt had my vote since you left
    Chris Ft Bliss, TX

  • Georgia

    Looking forward to seeing you on the air again! I had the feeling that this time around, you were looking for the the perfect venue that would allow you to “be yourself” without any hassle or pressure. If it took several years to find this position, then so be it! Hope you stay on the air for a long time to come…CNN is not really the same without your presence. And I hope this works out for you.
    Best wishes,
    San Ramon, CA

    PS Just wanted to know if you may have a feature on the flood victims of the 2008 Midwest Floods if it suits your show. There’s so many human interest stories that the current media isn’t covering as they did Hurricane Katrina. So many people have been displaced and upset by these floods but have helped each other–truly it is wonderful to see.

  • Tracy M.

    Aaron – You were my favorite newscaster and the only one I watched, and I was devastated when you were taken off CNN – I could never understand why
    ……and I never cared to watch Anderson Cooper.
    I’ve been wanting to know what you’ve been doing in the intervening years (perhaps preparing the Wide Angle series?). I always appreciated – and undoubtedly will continue to appreciate – your warm and sensitive communication, and the measured and eloquent manner in which you use words. You are a poet at heart. Welcome back!
    Tracy, Arlington Massachusetts

  • Clarice Stewart

    We have questioned why you were taken from us.We queried your where abouts..and we are thrilled to see you back as we viewed Wide Angle.Many Canadian friends will be happy to know you are back to do your professional compassionate newscasting. Welcome back into our homes. Clarice, Victoria, B. C.

  • joanne Crabtree

    Hi Aaron: I too stopped watching CNN after you were taken off the air. I google you every now and then to see where you’ve landed. Glad to find you at PBS. Welcome back. Joanne in Toronto

  • Anna Cardinal

    Welcome Back Aaron!
    We were rolling the dials this past weekend as we view a great deal of PBS here in Phoenix, and there you were.
    As always the show was very insightful and brought to us with the usual graceful style and intelligence.
    We will look forward to your show each week.
    We as so many never returned to CNN.
    Welcome to Phoenix…hope you enjoy it here in the desert.
    Best wishes on PBS!
    You are and always will be the BEST of the BEST!

  • Dr. Roman Odwazny

    Welcome back Aaron! Thank you – Now, news coverage is finally and truly comprehensive again with your unequaled professional and personal approach to delivering the REAL NEWS that North Americans want and need! All the best – don’t ever leave again. Cheers! Dr. Roman and Carol Ann, Regina, SK Canada

  • Dr. Roman Odwazny

    We are very strong fans of Aaron Brown. Where ( which TV channel) can I watch Aaron Brown on Canadian cable TV from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada? Thank you!

  • k. dunn

    dear aaron brown:

    omg, i was out with my little sister last nite and she claimed that you were back on tv, and on pbs. i was like: no way.

    i am so pleased to be wrong. newsnight was perfectly amazing. and cnn has just gotten so, so cheesy.

    i fully intend to tune in to your new show, provided i can get my five little kids to be quiet that long. certainly, i’ll now have pbs on, instead of cnn, at my huge inauguration party on the 20th.

    very sincerely,

    k. dunn
    glenview, il

  • Julie Turner

    Dear Aaron,

    I live in Seattle and that is Aaron Brown country, to be sure. Many of us here have missed you greatly! Thankfully, we are now delighted to find you back on Wide Angle and to hear you on the radio just prior to our fantastic ‘08 election. Will you be doing anything on tv or radio about the ‘09 inauguration and the aftermath? – that would be SO wonderful!

    Thank you for your unique blend of professionalism and caring that comes through in all of your work, and thank you for treating us, the viewing/listening public,as intelligent, thinking individuals! Your style is rare these days, with all that other “stuff” that is out there now, and somehow passing for broadcast news. We hope to hear a great deal more from you in the future.


    j. turner
    Seattle, WA

  • Patricia

    WELCOME BACK!! You have been SO missed! Except for an occasional Lou Dobbs show, I haven’t watched cnn since you left. It will be good to have your professionalism, honesty, and respect back in reporting!

  • Steve

    I am thrilled to see you are going to be back in my living rooms soon! You have been missed…

    Deerfield MA.

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