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September 13th, 2005
Map: Exploring India's Outsourcing Economy

Most Americans, if asked about what business services are being outsourced to Indian firms, tend to think first (and probably only) of call centers; if they’re pressed further for a particular location, they’d probably think of Bangalore. But India’s outsourcing-related industries — often referred to in the business press as the ITES (information technology enabled services) or BPO (business process outsourcing) sector — are far more varied and widespread.

From animation studios in Chennai to microchip design houses in New Delhi, Indian firms are handling a wide range of services, with tens (or hundreds) of thousands of skilled workers earning salaries that have made them a new middle class, and the heart of a new retail economy. But not all Indians have benefited equally from the outsourcing boom — most Indians are still very poor by United States standards; rural residents often desperately so. Investigate how India’s urban information technology centers fit into the Indian economy with the interactive map below.

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  • saurabh

    It Outsorcing is certainly going to get affected by this slowdown. Today due to this slump the growth plans of most of the companies has bone down , and we are facing decrease in business by almost 50%.
    the real scenarion is very bad , lets hope some thing new emerges as its very well said
    “necessity is the mother of invention”

  • Juliet

    India is not the only place that outsources these days, I have just moved to Latin America and there is evidence of Creative outsourcing everywhere.

    Take a look at this article that addressed the reasons why Argentina is becoming so popular for creative outsourcing …

  • Brad

    Yes I too have noticed the huge increase in outsourcing companies here in Argentina. When I first arrived here several years ago, every foreigner I knew was teaching English, these days it seems like they are all working in call centers, like a multilingual call centre with services in many different languages.

  • big daddy

    wow that is sooooooooooo saddddddddddddd

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