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August 5th, 2008
18 with a Bullet
Poll: Should the U.S. send criminals who are illegal immigrants back to their home countries?
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  • Max

    Criminals yes, but not average joes in general as there are plenty of jobs they can do in the states, if there are enough of them the usa can stop importing all their crap from communist china and just go back into manufacturing again and have the illegals working in a useful way. I support that idea way more then importing stuff from communist chinese so we can fund their genocidal psychotic communist government.

  • mirna

    I do not believe the U.S. should send criminals who are illegal immigrants back to their home countries. That will not solve any problems, rather they will go back and spread crime and attempt to come back; it will be a repetitive cycle. Criminals might as well be kept under more supervised/controlled watch here than in their home countries.

    In response to Max, I’d like to say that comment is very narrow-minded. Illegal immigrants should not be replaced by those working unjustly in Asian countries (NOT just China). Just because there are numerous amounts of illegal immigrants in the U.S. does not mean that they have to be subjected to unequal work. It is already difficult enough for illegal immigrants, let alone legal immigrants to find work here, and to find work where they will be fairly compensated is even more challenging. To state that the U.S. should not look to outsource labor in other countries, rather look within this country is ridiculous. According to that comment, the only difference between not having to outsource labor is WHO will actually be doing the manual labor. The situation does not matter, because people, (the minority), will be exploited. The only difference will be that corporate America and the companies that outsource will feel better about themselves for not going abroad for labor to make a profit. What about using the resources we already have here, the majority of the population is White/Caucasian. There seems to plenty of ‘them,’ so why not use them for labor?

  • cholla

    I would prefer that my tax dollars go to keep them locked up here, in the country that they so desperately came to take advantage of. We need to impose a system that takes advantage of them, as opposed to the other way around. These thugs need to be doing hard time, when incarcerated. Put them to work for society. They should have no idle time on there hands.

  • Jason

    If they killed any U.S. citizen they need to die. Otherwise I agree with comment #3. I want them to get hard labor but not at anything that they can screw up. No sitting around watching TV on my dollar. When the time they serve is up. Send em’ back to the country they came from. If they get caught again they should serve even more time. Those who employ illegals should go to jail with them.

  • LEO

    Yes they should be deported! Let them be there country of origin’s problem. It may not solve the problem, but it keeps the problem out of the back yards of my country. I don’t care if it’s “pc”. I’m sick of the people blaming America for all of their problems whilst trying to work the system in their favor.

  • Steve Kudlak

    Even though it sounds like a solution it isn’t; It will only make things worse; We can deal with things a bit better here; Unless we want massive foreign aid so that others can deal with their problems.

    Alas it boils down to distributuon of resources which alas isn’t fair or equitable. We should try to make thing so that everyone has more oppurtunity and young people have relatively harmless methods of diversion. If people felt that people at home or in their community cared for them they would not seek it in the streets; How we achieve more equitrable distribution of resources I have a few ideas but they are not popular.

    During the 1950s and 1960s and the 1970s there were more Art things to particpate in and they provided people with a creative outlet for their energies. Now those have tried up because we live within the religion that says “Private Enterprise solves all problems”. Private enterprise gets lots of ideas that seem exciting but cause financial crises many a time. The system needs to be more kid and gentle to people who really need it; both native born and distant immigrant (Irish, Italian etc. who all used to have criminal gangs and were a problem but now fit in)so that things start to work more smoothly; the idea that the world is in unkind and unfeeling to individual needs really causes a lot of trouble.

    Have Fun,
    Sends Steve


    Yes, send them back and implement sanctions and build walls to keep them out, criminals should be last people on our erroneous and , sadly engorged, list for sympathy, as well as ending all immigration(to US) legal or no. The world has a severe problem, overpopulation, that is depleting resources everywhere.The less people the better our taxes are already overextended and we are in more than enough debt the last thing we need is more people. IT IS VERY SIMPLE END ALL IMMIGRATION TO THE US IMMEDIATLEY OR CONTINUE TO SUFFER WORSENING CONSEQUENCES OF OVERPOPULATION!

  • Charles in Spain

    The US sends illegal aliens back to their home countries, as does every other country in the world, with Mexico a good example. How much does it cost to keep just one of the more violent sort of criminal in jail for the period of his sentence? Why should we have to incur that expense? They should logically be returned to their home countries, hopefully before there is any crime committed, but otherwise after they have served out their sentences in a maximum security prison.

    Having said that, I also feel that it is the responsibility of the more developed countries to try to help these emerging nations, establishing industries, scholarships, etc. Why must we buy everything from the dictatorial and exploitative communist Chinese régime? We should try to direct our interests to these poorer countries which really need jobs. The US has laws which deal with illegal immigration, and the laws are meant to be respected.

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