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August 5th, 2008
18 with a Bullet
Video Update
Sorry, this video is not available.

WIDE ANGLE’s 18 with a Bullet follows members of the notorious Central American gang 18th Street. By the end of the film, most of the gang members profiled – Slappy, Sochi, and 18-year old Travieso – are in jail serving long sentences for their crimes.

For the summer 2008 re-broadcast, WIDE ANGLE follows the film with an update that tells another side of this transnational story. Like many Salvadoran gang members, Travieso was separated from his mother when she went north to find work in the United States. Today, she runs a successful cleaning business in the U.S. and holds a temporarily legal immigration status, but her sacrifices and the remittances sent home have not managed to give Travieso the better life she had dreamed for him. This mother’s story paints a nuanced portrait of one immigrant’s experience and the sometimes heartbreaking difficulties of life stretched across borders.

  • PAUL

    loved the first film 18 with a bullet and this short update .I would love to see more of the remaining gang members .`

  • little one

    i saw the documentary about 18 street and the leader of the gang were travieso is hi is 16 years old and i think is sad to see the traviso a.k.a diego will be jail for 15 years

  • janet

    i’ve been trying to find the original broadcast of this episode online since i know i missed the broadcast by 2 years lol; but i’m really find the topic to be still relevant and interesting. Does anyone know where i can see the episode?

  • Marcus

    Where can i see this update-episode? Thanks!

  • David

    Angels on earth, the film is magic . San Salvador Jahova Amen.

  • Renee

    I’m not trying to judge, because I don’t have to walk in this heartbroken mother’s shoes. BUT WHY WHY do they leave their children and come to the US? I know the reasons, but NOTHING is worth abandoning one’s children!!

  • isabella

    i saw these on documentary heaven. you may also find them on u tube, i believe.

  • SF

    Wat was happend with Travieso,Charlie,Hungla?And other gang members?

  • Edward Reslen

    @Renee: in away their not abandoning one’s children. i think the reason why the parent leave their children behind is because they either dont have money for them to come along or because it would just make it more harder for their parents to find a job here in the US having kids. espacially if their under age they cant work or be left alone somewhere while their parents work as imigrants. the kids would most likely get stopped by the police and with not knowing english it would be hard. if i were born in el savador i would just stay their with my kids or i would work really hard there to try to go to the US with them and not leave them. that is my opinoin.

  • bon

    we are now in december 2010 what has now happend to charlie,travieso?

  • bon


  • Dennis Cañénguez

    It is now January 2011. Does anyone know what has happened to Charlie, Sochi, and Travieso? I read the post about Travieso being dead now, is that true? I hope these young men are doing ok.

  • bon

    where is the post about travieso being dead and i thought ,he got caught for murder and was serving is years,if thats the case he would still be in jail,,i really think we would like another update on these boy’s..

  • Fănel

    18 with a bullet part 2 with the same actors, it’s on demand

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