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September 11th, 2007
A Woman Among Warlords
Photo Essay: Portraits of Afghan Women

The women featured in this slideshow are participants in the sponsorship program of Women for Women International. Their photos appear in a book by WIDE ANGLE interview guest Zainab Salbi entitled THE OTHER SIDE OF WAR: WOMEN’S STORIES OF SURVIVAL & HOPE.

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  • Mary Quayle-Lanag

    Is there any possibility of learning more specifically
    about the group the woman I have sponsored belongs to? It’s Group 769. I’d love a progress report on these women and even a group picture. Thank you.

  • Linda Cunningham

    I echo the above comment – my sister is in group 809 and I would love to know what she is learning and how her life is hopefully improving. All I know is that my support allows her children to go to school. Can you tell me any more?

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