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July 22nd, 2008
Burning Season
Photo Essay: Endangered Animals in the World's Forests

Deforestation is taking place at a rate of about 13 million hectares per year, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. That’s an area about the size of Greece.

Deforestation is a major contributor to climate change, accounting for an estimated 25 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. It also leads to a loss of habitat for many animal species.

Seventy percent of all land animals live in forests. Many are threatened by rapid deforestation due to fires, logging, and land clearing for agriculture, cattle grazing and development.

The logging and clearing of old-growth (also known as “primary” or “original”) forests is of particular concern. Old-growth forests have existed for centuries without significant human interference. They provide unique habitats for animals because of their mix of old, young and fallen trees, intact soils, and abundant mosses and fungi. The destruction of these forests endangers the animals that live in them.

The photo gallery below illustrates some of the species threatened by deforestation.

Sources: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Rainforest Foundation,,, U.S. National Parks Service, National Geographic, IUCN Red List 2007

  • Olya

    This just makes me cry. It seems that due to overpopulation of people, we leave no space for other spicies to survive except us.

  • JUDY

    After watching Wide Angle on pbs, I was in tears!
    It is a shame that people have little regard for animals. And to think that it is al about
    the money.

    This show was an eye opener for our family.

  • fred

    you shoud put koalas on the endangered list because there are only a few thousand left. also about 10 years ago there were over a million koalas in australia. so they are dying from deforestation.

  • danny

    I think you people are a nittle over dramatic,and a little pathetic. You are crying pver animals and people are dropping like flies in the Sudan, and massacres are taking place in Egypt,GENOCIDE!
    Thats a lot more important than some animals survival…of the fittest and of the chossen to survive by GOD! Get it through your thick SKULLLS!

  • Kaytlin

    I think that it is sad that people are destroying forest, but i do think you are over reacting. it is a fact that we need to limit our hunting, but be more realistic. you are crying like the animal is a sister or your mother. but i agree that humans should limit there hunting.

  • Robort

    hmm Danny god does not choose who there is to survive… we do we are responsible for animals there is dying.
    its sad but they would die sooner then later.. but we could do something about it if we wasn’t so stupid to only think about money all the time.
    but that’s just hove it is we cant change that. but we could use does money more effective instead of buying entertainment for the money we could spend them on science so we did not have to cut down forest’s…
    sorry for bad English..

  • cate

    it is so sad that we are worrying about are selfs when millions of animals are dying!

  • Logan Pressley

    What kind of person would even think of killing or hurting an animal that doesnt understand whats happening to the world around them.

  • the almighty

    yeah go who ever is klling them

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