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July 22nd, 2008
Burning Season
Poll: Should "green" entrepreneurs make money off of saving the environment?
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  • Adam Wakeling

    The fact is, who needs to make money are the people who are doing the deforesting themselves, not the governers whose motives are often questionable, nor the corporations who are set to make yet more money on their ‘investments’ in carbon capture. And the smallholder palm oil growers, will they be paid unto eternity not to cut down the forest? How will they grow their own food? How will the system be endorsed and policed? This needs to be addressed from the lowest common denominator, not from the boardoom alone.

  • Jane

    Al Gore has gotten rich making money out of his green business while never having to debate any one on the subject and leading a very wasteful life…Limo’s flying all over the world when a phone call would do.
    He should hire Bette Midler to advise him…
    I think he is a total phoney.

  • Judy Wright

    It’s the only way. Only a growing carbon tax will make cleaner technologies also the cheaper ones. Few people can afford to buy hybrid cars and solar houses; the rest HAVE TO BUY WHAT’S CHEAPEST!

  • Scott Seger

    Any organization that is not funded by vast amounts of private money MUST be a for-profit. I have been attempting to market a project in the Brazilian Amazon which would help thousands of local families and save a vast swath of virgin forest. It takes an incredible amount of time and more than a small team to move the ball forward. Profits are a must. STS

  • jay jith

    This is a no brainer. Why are we making rules and placing constraints on who can participate in socially conscious projects?
    Who cares what motivates a person to be involved or start green businesses, as long as it is generating a favourable outcome for the society at large.

    This is similar to thinking poets and artists should live a minilastic (a.k.a broke or just barely making ends meet) existence, all for the love of art, and not expect or pursue an monetary gains from their creations without being labelled as a sellout and have their integrity questioned.

  • Dalton

    It is silly to think there should not be a profit. If no profit is generated then the Gov. has to pay to make it work.. Do you want to pay out of your own pocket..? I think not

    I think this concept of carbon credits is in the right direction. To me being practical is key, and this is the best example I have seen thus far.

  • Jason Webb

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    Jason Webb

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