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July 29th, 2009
Contestant No. 2
Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Minority Faiths

Test your knowledge of the Druze and other minority faiths by trying to answer the questions below.

  • H

    wheres the quiz?

  • mccalop

    great flim

  • mccalop

    really good

  • Kay Dallal


  • Joseph Soler

    What is fascinating is how relative feminism is as this film demonstrates. ‘Angelina’ struggles to be able to dress as she wants- in a swimsuit- whereas in the US we have the opposite problem where women are continuously pressured to wear less and less, but always it is about somehow controlling women one way or another.

  • Peter Munibi

    Tolerance & acceptance – though not necessarily agreement – are the call of a new world order. Whence will we learn that we are all ‘ African Cousins’;genetically united. The spirit will follow before long…… hopefully.

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