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July 20th, 2009
Contestant No. 2
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  • Fadia


    Don’t ever give up on your dreams. I started to cry at the end of the show.

  • Owen

    Sorry you can’t have your dreams, and your Religion also. They can go hand-n-hand! You are still a brave person, and no one can take that away from you.

  • andy johnson

    I just watched this program on TV. I would say it’s a sad story, and we have many stories like this all over. I hope this story will open people ways of viewing their culture. I think these are just people who don’t want to see their old ways of living changed. I hope God has better things for this lady, and I hope she sees something greater than Miss Isrea she was aspiring to be.Be brave God has greater and better things await you.I hope your family; your dad and mom sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Sad, but informative, may we never see or hear a story like this.Amen

  • Mahmoud

    I wanted to cry.

  • DS

    I wanted to cry too. How will Angelina/Duah every grow up and spiritually mature when she disrespects her parents, does her individualistic “own thing” Western-style, chases after media “idols”, and is so self-absorbed she can’t see any side to a situation except her own. Maybe she really needs to become a “model” to learn something about her almighty Self. Then if she’s fortunate like a few others, she’ll make lots of money only to find out it doesn’t bring her joy, and that selling her soul to the devil of Modernistic-Westernization wasn’t worth it. Too bad she’s bored, has no self-respect, and isn’t interested in the few remaining fragments of Western culture with any redeeming value such as Classic Western literature (unlike Western media “entertainment”). If she were, she might happen upon Faust, and learn her life lesson the intelligent way instead of the hard way.

  • tanja

    Duah! You are an inspiration to young women all around the world!!! Follow your heart – and your dreams.

  • Louverture

    It is a very beautiful documentary. Angelina is a brave young lady. She is certainly miles ahead of her clan and this can be a dangerous situation in a closed-knit tribe like hers. I have a hard time determining when the documentary was produced. I would love to know what has happened to her since withdrawing from the Miss Israeli Pageantry? Can she still live safely among the druzes?

  • Noy

    As a minority woman, I can relate to this story all too well. Thanks for the insight into your life Duah and on the Druze religion. It is tragic to see ambition and dreams be limited because of a culture that’s based on oppressive values of its people. There’s always a balance that hard to seek, but even through an ounce of liberation, there are humanistic lessons to be learned and I believe Duah’s story speaks to the millions of women who struggle to find their self worth that certainly is their right.

  • james h

    She should seek assylum in the us.Then she could enter contests here.One should not have their wings clipped due to religion.

  • Alexander

    Please don’t give up on your dreams. Even if they change for you as long as they are yours always fight for them. You are brave. Be brave enough to leave those who don’t support you behind.

  • Jesus Pacheco

    Is there anything one can do to help her out, if she is trying to better her life. E-mail me back please, I would like to help. Good luck Angelina.

  • SAM

    Contestant No. 2. I watched the program last night and was very dissapointed. No doubt that she was going to win the contest if she made it to the end. I need to visit Israel. She is very attractive.

  • Lila

    Iam a Druze too. I know what you are passing through. It is important that you beleive in yourself. You deserve a chance and an individual human being. God Bless you. Keep your hopes up.

  • Tan Guicho

    Swimsuits were imposed just like high heels on women. You are pretty Duah with high morals. Now if you think you have a very big chance of winning & a precious message you would like to convey to the world that outweighs your hesitation to wear the swimsuit, GO FOR IT then. If not, don’t.

  • Nay

    I cant believe that Druzes in Israel are living in the middle ages! Follow your dreams and dont listen to most illiterate religious Druzes in this society!!!Dont give up!!

  • Diana

    Hey.Im a Druze.And this is kinda weird..What I dont get is >Some people may say that you cant wear swimsuits.Well let me tell you something..On T.V or Live…Its the same thing. There’s no living durze girl who is not a sheikha that haven’t worn a swimming suit..Live your life.

  • missnada1986

    is it just me or do not see people that she is a very self-absorbed girl?
    She is well-Muslim and her parents also, or have I missed this by saying that she is Muslim, she might, after all, is not a Muslim as well her family. Allah, he wants you to have this lic so you are about to be getting it but the next life you will be in hell always dies. Think it is a pity that such a Muslim girl and equally well-Muslim family is looking at this world and like to have only this life, and not thinking of the Hereafter, and Allah. I am shocked that there are those “Muslims” as they are, they should not even get call themselves Muslims, or perhaps change his religion, he can be mistaken Israelis. Israel kills, rapes every day Muslims brothers, sisters and even Doha’s brothers and sisters (I think they are) and yet she wants to be Miss Israel, she just looks at this world and wants to be a star, but remember that the beauty do not last forever .. trorts but everything is not just her fault, this is her parents when they do not teach her about Allah and the Koran but to become a fashion model and her beauty. I pray to Allah Doha that Allah guides you and your family back on track

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