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June 30th, 2009
Crossing Heaven's Border
Video: A North Korean Defector Speaks

Watch the vivid story of a woman, Myong Hui Eom, who was a model North Korean citizen before being arrested for practicing Christianity, a crime punishable by prison, torture and even death.

In this WIDE ANGLE web exclusive, she talks about her daily life in North Korea as a school teacher, a Christian, and finally as a prisoner.

Edited together with rare footage shot in May 2009 by French cameramen Eric Lafforgue, Jean Louis Cruz and Alexandre Spalaikovitch, this interview lifts the Bamboo Curtain to shed light on daily life inside one of the world’s most closed regimes.

  • Hil Camp

    A very moving story. A peek under the iron curtain!

  • H.Song

    A compelling and heartwarming story. This shows the power of freedom and a belief in a higher being. Her testimony is an indictment of the cruelty and tyranny of the Kim Jong Il regime and also of hope for the future of not only herself but for the people of North Korea.

  • hapi

    How brave these people are. My heart was breaking when the mom was saying goodbye to her son. I was releived when she made it through immigration at BKK airport (where I have been so many times). So glad to see her reunion with him at the airport. The reporters were also so brave to do this very worthwhile story. It needs to be heard and seen.

  • Katia

    I have watch the entire video, unbelievable, this need to be hear for all of us instead of worrying about frivolous subject, we should be Thankful and grateful for what we have, my heart goes to all the defectors from around the world who are trying to reach freedom. May God Bless then on their journey.
    This is more important than an actor passing away, this are real issues, real stories, pass it on let’s educate our nation

  • Tiffani

    Truley amazing. Brave 19 yr olds going on alone. I hope her dream comes true. What strong faith these people have.
    Will any of this ever end?

  • Jon Wexler

    The story of North Koreans taking such risks to reach freedom really lends an important perspective the whole concept of human rights, and how it is so easy for Americans to stay removed from the struggles. We must not continue to look the other way.

  • cyrus forman

    what can we Americans do to aid the people of the DPRK? China is the only country with power over the DPRK. Educated Chinese are torn apart by the situation in the DPRK; it reminds them of their own or their relatives’ suffering during the great famine and the cultural revolution…but….must we wait a generation or two for the PRC to pull the plug on the DPRK? What could be a catalyst?

  • Chig

    Powerful. I wish with all my heart that there will be a day when the people of North Korea and the people in the U.S. may speak freely with each other and learn from each other the value of our unique experiences. I wish that for people all around the world…

  • John

    This was an amazing documentary! I had no idea this was going on. Thank you for raising the awareness. Can you please air “Crossing Heaven’s Border” again? I am recommending it to my friends to see it.

  • Matthew

    It was a touching video to the heart

  • Ricky

    Watching this I commented to my wife how I wish programs like this were shown more in our schools and in our homes. The courage these amazing people had to muster to attempt this is almost some thing I cannot comprehend. A wonderful program that I wish were seen by more people in this country. Particularly our younger generations.

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