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August 19th, 2009
Eyes of the Storm
Full Interview with the Filmmakers

WIDE ANGLE’s executive producer Tom Casciato interviewed London-based journalists Evan Williams and Siobhan Sinnerton about their experiences working with filmmakers from the Democratic Voice of Burma to gather footage after Cylone Nargis. The filmmakers made their own documentary, and WIDE ANGLE used this film in making Eyes of the Storm. Watch the full interview, part of which was featured in Eyes of the Storm, to learn more about why they chose to make the film, how they trained videographers to use cameras and to make a documentary, and the dangers these videographers faced while working undercover in a country where independent journalism is essentially a crime.

  • Bryan

    I would like to know why I am not allowed to watch the video’s in my country USA. I waws able to watch the footage on PBS…

  • Linda Winstead

    I came across your program quite by accident and I was stunned by the poverty I saw. Also noticed the different attitude between these victims of the cyclone & some victims of Hurrricane Katrina in USA. Thanks for making this news available to us & I hope to make a tiny difference in these children’s situations.

  • move on

    There are always 2 sides to a story. This interview clearly indicate the self serving nature of these people who might just not be better than the self serving government they are condemning. All the same profiting off the back of the victims. I hope they donate some of their profits to the local organizations that are the true heroes of the day.
    The last part of the film do not appear to be from the Delta.
    Look a lot of like an orphanage ran by a Christian organization in Yangon.
    Journalistic License?

  • move on

    Siobhan Sinnerton, might as well blame the people for not standing up for themselves. As for Evan WIlliams his associating CHina and the present dictator government enduring grip on Burma egged on by Tom Casiato all conveniently forget the “ELephant in the room” the west useless sanctions.
    20+ years of useless sanctions->Extremely Impoverished rural citizenry -> Day to day survival take precedent over any high sounding political ideas and thoughts.
    20+ years of useless sanction-> Defiance of present government-> Grip on power-> Citizenry sufferings->Day to day survival take precedent over any high sounding political ideas and thoughts.
    Siobhan may have predicted the near future correctly albeit with wrong reason. Evan WIlianms and Tom Casiato should read this before they utter another word to make them look even sillier.
    ANd please Tom leave Stalin out of this. The future is more Kim Jong Il or worst Pol Pot.
    But again that might show how useless west sanction has been would’nt it?
    I noticed you edited the last piece of the film. Gotcha!

  • Tania

    Will there be a followup documentary about the plight of the orphans shown in this film? This film has clearly affected many people and I would be really interested in knowing how the little family of three are coping now a few years on and how people can directly help this village.

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