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January 1st, 2010
Field Trip to the DMZ
  • cordelia

    What an interesting video – hope you’ll keep them coming!

  • kpmsprtd

    What a wonderful young lady. Your dream will come true!

  • 박혜진

    마음이 뭉클해져 오는 동영상이군요. 서울에 저런 학교가 있다는 것, 저런 학생들이 있다는 것을 처음 알았습니다.

  • James

    Kim Jong Il is getting old-perhaps his death will bring about real change in North Korea. Best of luck to those kids and their families in the North.

  • charles

    Hang in there. Unification will surely come.

  • Fabio Lomelino

    Great stuff. very interesting to see one of the more unusual effects of the split in Korea. Would love to see more about their lives in the south and how their fare after graduation, and if there is any tension between them and southerners (discrimination?). Congrats wide angle staff on your web revamp!

  • Justin

    Thank you for this video. Keep these coming!!!

  • CS

    Thank you for this video.

  • Suzanne Veter

    Great work Micah, such a mix of sadness and hopefulness. I too would like to follow their stories and see how they fare.

  • karina

    Wow, what a courageous girl!
    Living in the UK I unfortunately find that programming such as this is not prioritized, so thank you for focusing on it and making it available on the internet.
    For those interested there is a film about North Korean dissidents that will be screened at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival in NY.

  • Daniel Choi

    Your dream will come true after the U.S. occupation ends and Korean is reunified. After the American imperialists leave, the puppet authorities in South Korea will collapse and reunification will come. So until then, hang in there!

  • chris

    this girl is courageous for what she has done to make a better life for her self its sad her parents can not be with her to experance what she is doing with her life .

  • Sourav Basu

    Yeah…hang in there mates. We all pray that you meet your families soon.

    So difficult for me to even imagine how these kids are so near and yet so far away from their families. And what went through the patents’ hearts to send their little ones away.

  • Kate

    thank you.

  • Sunny

    I hope Hae-Jungs dreams come true. Currently it seems like a long way from reunification of north and south Korea, but just like Germany did we can to succeed. Hang on Hae-Jung, and best wishes to your parents as well. Stick to your firm attitude about your hope and faith:)

  • Mimi

    I want reunification but I don’t want it that much. But now I knew that there’re many students who really want reunification and when it doesn’t come ture they can’t meet their family forever. Korea is the only country which didn’t reunify. I hope reunification of Korea.

  • Andrea

    Short video, but what a mighty cause. I am touched and hope this young lady will see her family some day.

  • Merlyn James

    This is nothing strange, it happens everyday. It is very sad when children are taken away from their parents and may never see them again or sold to the higest bidder. A powerful video

  • Deborah Antle

    I’m an American, currently teaching English in a Soiuth Korean high school. Does anyone know if this school is looking for native speaker teachers? I’d LOVE to teach there.

  • Elizabeth

    What this young lady’s parents have done for her is truly remarkable. My hope is that she and other children in her situation will one day be reunited with their loved ones.

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