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July 19th, 2005
Future for Lebanon
Timeline: Lebanon from 1920 to 2005
April 1920With the end of World War I and the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Allies give France a mandate over Greater Syria
Sept. 1, 1920France divides Greater Syria into Syria and Lebanon
1926Lebanon draws up its constitution, dividing power between major religious groups
1943Lebanon gains independence from France, whose troops withdraw completely in 1946
1958Civil war; U.S. sends troops
1967Arab-Israeli War; Lebanon does not participate
1968Israel raids Beirut International Airport
1975Onset of Lebanon’s civil war
1976Syrian forces enter Lebanon
1978Israel invades Lebanon, withdrawing later that year
1982Creation of Hezbollah
June 6, 1982Israel invades Lebanon again
April 18, 1983Truck bomb destroys U.S. Embassy in Beirut (63 dead)
Oct. 23, 1983Truck bombs explode in U.S. Marine and French Paratrooper barracks (298 dead).
1989Arab League-sponsored Taif Agreement, brokered in Saudi Arabia, leads to end of civil war and reinforces Syria’s direct role in Lebanese affairs
1990After more than 100,000 deaths, civil war finally ends
2000Israel withdraws troops from southern Lebanon
2004U.N. Security Council passes Resolution 1559, calling for the withdrawal of all remaining foreign forces from Lebanon and the disarmament of the Hezbollah militia
Feb. 14, 2005Anti-Syrian prime minister, Rafik Hariri, is assassinated by a car bomb
Feb. 21, 2005Tens of thousands rally at the site of Hariri’s assassination, calling for an end to the Syrian occupation
March 8, 2005Half a million demonstrate in Beirut in favor of Syria
March 14, 2005Approximately one million demonstrate in Beirut in favor of Lebanese independence
April 2005Syrian troops withdraw from Lebanon

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