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August 21st, 2007
Gold Futures
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  • Jason

    I am curious as to what has happened. I would imagine the company has won. I will have to investigate. I would hate to see them win and the enviroment destroyed. You can’t convince me a huge pit of cyanide sludge is safe either. It seems that the companies can buy people out and wait out the rest. Even if a few are able to hold out and stay they will eventually die. It is really just a matter of time I think. It never ceases to amaze me that we continue to desroy the enviroment for money. For me, gold is worthless. What practical value does it have? Yes I realize it is relatively rare and it has properties that make it useful. I would turn the old saying of worth its weight in gold on its head and say that gold is not worth its weight in drinkable water. What would you rather have? Water to drink or gold? Or fish to eat, or good soil to grow food. All that would be put in peril for gold?

  • George Beck

    Born and raised in the Apuseni Carpathians (about 15 miles away from Rosia Montana) rest assure you that this conflict will linger for years. The Communists feared one region; Apuseni. Looking back in the history, all the great revolutionaries that change the system in Romania (ancient Dacia) came from Apuseni. For the ones that know the world; its what the joaps will call a “samurai” or the northerners “a vikings” Very tuff guys, none the less the ones that took the money and run, most likely were not locals, but immigrants. The locals will never leave. Most of them can track down their history for hundreds of years. Some of them have never left their county (not country, you read right…)

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