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July 25th, 2002
Greetings from Grozny
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  • alex

    It’s funny how americans and brits make dramatic movies about chechnya and show how russians kill and arrest innocent civilians and destroy everything but they never make movies about iraq and afghanistan where they’re doing the same things. I’m not saying that the war in chechnya is right and I don’t support it. I just think it’s ridiculous that americans go in there and try to show that russians take away chechens’ freedom etc etc but never show their public what’s really going on in Iraq or Afghanistan (where soldiers rape women and arrest anyone they want to)

  • rommel

    Alex obviously does not watch western news reports on the abuses that has happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. There has been military court martials and investigations on these events. Not like Russia which has imposed a media black hole on what is happening in Chechnya and now also in Ingushetia.

  • Joey

    It is true what rommel says, that the court is involved and investigatoins. But what we must agree on the fact that Russia is just trying to get there lost land back. there some what trying to become powerful as they were back in the sovit days. They should see that they made a mess of things and they should try to help, not destroy. To befriend the countrys that got there freedom back.

  • Brandon

    I have been following the war in Chechnya since the millenium and there is virtually no media coverage, at least not like there was from 1994-1996. Nobody hears about Chechnya anymore, not because it has been overshadowed by Iraq and Afghanistan, but because the Russians do not allow independant news in the region.

  • Iskander

    War, consisting only of three letters, however brings so much pain. When we say justice does it mean law? When we say law does it denotes the justice? War against terrorism is perpetual struggle against enemy without face, nation and faith.We shouldn’t forget that Chechnya, became place where radically motivated groups from different parts of the world were in plenty. War became as a market, where 1 killed man had a price. Intervention into Afghanistan by NATO troops is not legitimate since,NATO can use military force only protecting its members only.Another point, you mention always mass media as the only source of information.Objectively, I do not think it is so convenient to rely on mass media nowadays. When you say “There has been military court materials and investigations” it seems that term “democratic war” is appropriate to be used.

  • Alexandr

    Sitting in comfortable lounge I cannot put myself in skin of people who are as some objects which could be easily replaced or removed without any word of protest. People, who without any compunction would use the Bill of Rights as toilet paper. People whose complaints are inaudible and tears are not visible. I am scared that rights becomes right when are stipulated by the person with the gun in his hands. Isn’t it natural to human being to protect his home, then what is wrong with Chechen males who defend their native land, which belong them by right? And when they call it Jihad all the Christian world blame them in terrorists and automatically puts out of law. It scares me when a man with Chechen nationality is considered as terrorist just because he turned sixteen. It is ridiculous when a man who fights with Russian occupation speaks in literate Russian language without any accent, at the same time uses equipment produced by worldwide acknowledged leaders of struggle with terrorism. Is it fair that act of terrorism during which perished couple hundreds of peaceful people is followed by military campaign which takes lives of thousands similar innocent people, just with different passports?! The only difference is that first deaths were broadly enlightened by mass-media, while last became so hackneyed that nobody pays attention. Is it fair that for deed of some radically-minded persons, should be responsible totally not implicated people?! Are we executing all the relatives of the human who committed murder? NO! Human is not a God to order other’s lives. I was pretty astonished when figured out exact number of perished people in date of 11th September, date which become more famous than Christ’s birthday. But who counted perished citizens of Iraq in followed campaign? Who cared about them?

  • Myles

    Ruassians are cruel bastards. They are no better than the terrorists they fight. The Chechens need to purge themselves of the Wahabi Islamists, and both sides need to submit to the supervision of an international entity like the UN.Russia is using an ax when they need a scalpel, and to allow this to continue will only result in more fundamentalist Muslims to come into existence.

  • lyta

    One thing is sure, Chechnya need to be independent, educate its kids, maintains its culture and built its country in order to modernize it. But, if it becomes an Islamic republic like the extremist Chechens rebels wants, that country will not move forward because it’s been proven that an Islamic republic that apply Charia as a rule doesn’t allow its people to move forward. Muslim radicalism is not the answer. Charia allows public executions without a real opportunity from the accused to defend itself. Since September 11, the nationalist Chechens who really have a legitimate claim, which is the independence of their country from Russia, are in my opinion overshadowed by the Islamic Chechens who are linked with terrorism and this is sad. I mean, as long as they will be linked to radical Islamic and terrorism, even the western world will not listen to their claims. They need to separate themselves from the radicals. War is not the answer, terrorism is not the answer, and negotiations have to prevail.

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