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July 1st, 2008
Heart of Darfur


CIA Factbook: Sudan
Information about the geography, economy, government and people of Sudan

BBC Country Profile: Sudan
General overview with links to BBC news stories about Sudan


United Nations Darfur Developments
Collection of statements, press releases, articles, audio files and photos related to Darfur

Human Rights Watch: Crisis in Darfur
In-depth investigative reports on the crisis in Darfur

International Crisis Group: Crisis in Darfur
Analysis and policy recommendations

Darfur Relief and Documentation Centre
Good collection of primary source documents


U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Darfur Project
Visualize the crisis in Darfur through photographs, data and eyewitness testimony mapped in Google Earth; joint project of Google and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Council on Foreign Relations Crisis Guide: Darfur
Comprehensive multimedia guide to the crisis in Darfur

Washington Post Interactive: Crisis in Darfur Expands
Includes a map, timeline, panoramic photographs and video testimonials


Save Darfur Coalition
Find an event in your area or donate funds to this advocacy-only organization

Darfur People’s Association
Organization of refugees from Darfur living in New York City

Mia Farrow: Humanitarian and Advocacy Information
Up-to-date blog, editorials, photos and links

Darfur Peace and Development Organization
Humanitarian organization with chapters in U.S. cities with Darfuri refugee communities

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