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January 1st, 2010
Heart of Darfur
Video: Darfuri Refugee Rebuilds his Life in Brooklyn

Humanitarian groups estimate that there are currently between 1,500 to 2,000 Darfuri refugees living in the United States. They have formed small communities in Indiana, Maine, Philadelphia, the Washington, D.C. suburbs, and Brooklyn, New York.

Hamza Ibrahim is a refugee from Darfur who now lives in the Kensington neighborhood of Brooklyn. He told WIDE ANGLE about growing up in Darfur, driving a taxi in New York City, and collecting clothes and school supplies to send to people living in refugee camps back home.

  • Sheldon Ayers

    I often feel powerless to help change injustices in the world. What can individual Americans do to help end the suffering in Darfur?

  • Laura Taylor

    I too feel powerless. I want to help end the suffering yet I want to know that monetary assistance it is going to the correct people and sources.Is this the only way one can help?

  • NYC Coalition for Darfur

    You can call 1-800-genocide (sponsored by Genocide Intervention Network) for talking points and to be connected to your legislators to take action on Darfur. You can make sure your mutual funds have divested from companies doing business with companies that support the genocide. You can go to the Dream for Darfur and Save Darfur websites and find actions & humanitarian orgs in your region.

  • Kartik Sheth

    I was moved by the show. Thank you PBS and Wide Angle. To address the person above — what we can do is what we did in South Africa – divest! Please check SaveDarfur Now and divest your money. Also call your congressional rep. and tell them that the US needs to step up to the plate and demand a more engaged foreign policy! Tell Bush there is oil in Sudan – may be that will interest him and Cheney.. on second thought, may be not!

    Anyways — when I began watching, I almost turned away thinking – I know what there is to know and yet, by the end, as I sobbed as Krstoff related the story of the young woman sacrificing herself to save her sister, Halima.. I couldn’t help but sob! Thank you PBS for another brilliant show.

  • Valerie Long

    Is this video for sale? If so, may I order it online?

  • Christopher Barksdale

    I watched wide angle last night and was sad, as a African American I want to help tell me ways I can be involved, I understood the leaders wanted African involvement, well the way I see it we have many African American men incarcerated; Darfur needs peacekeepers(not murderers)African American incarcerated men need to understand, how fortunate they are and what true poverty is, and help their people, it would not be a expensive proposition!and all would be the better.

  • Evan

    Even though this man lives in America, he wants to help his relatives in Darfur. I have a lot of respect for him.

  • Chelsea

    This man has been though so much. What these people are going through in Sudan is not fair. I want to do everything to help these people

  • Francesca Pagan

    Asalaamu Alaikum my dear brother Hamza. You are in my duahs. Please hold tight to your faith and trust what will come in Jannah will be better than this world. Many people are trying hard to get the US Government to help your people in Darfur. I believe prayer is very helfpul, so I urge you to always pray. In addition, I’d like to know what type of items are needed (books, clothes, baby supplies, money) and where can they be sent?

  • brian l

    Do you have info on how to collect clothing for people of darfur?

  • Albert Seon

    On Wednesday Feb. 11th, there will be an Advocacy Night all across the country. My Church at 520 Clinton Ave in Brooklyn will be hosting a session at 7:00 PM. There will be a short video, then discussions. For more info, please call 718 638-0686

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