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July 8th, 2008
Japan's About-Face
Poll: Should the Japanese SDF participate in American military operations around the world?
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  • T

    As a Japanese, I firmly believe my country should make an independent decision. People must know that the participation of Japan’s SDF in military operation is actually again our Constitution, and thus any decisions should be carefully made without influences by those who are not part of the country.

  • Dan O’Halloran

    Absolutely, however they should remain under the UN Control.
    Note: Different countries with different military and economic strategies
    should be able to defeat an umbearable attacker if allowed the freedom
    under UN control, that is if the attacker is not an UN Menber.
    If it is then Japan should be under our guidance and control but
    given sufficient freedom to interpret the situation that would be
    acceptable to Japan and the U.S.A.

  • J

    Absolutely should Japan participate in American military operations around the world because if this is a problem that affects the United States it would effect Japan because of our close ties of military and trade. So yes Japan should fight in foreign nations to help it close ally the USA.

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