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July 22nd, 2004
Ladies First
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  • Darlye Elise

    What an inspiring documentary! I am really excited about the future of Rwanda and its trail-blazing women. I wish a Rwandan woman were interviewed at the end by Mishal Husain. While I can appreciate Ambassador Swanee Hunts interest and work in Rwanda, I feel as if a Rwandan woman’s (or man’s) insights would have better captured the essence of this documentary.

  • Rachael Barat

    What an amazing piece of work. My students in my “Women in Society” seminar will learn so much from this. We can feel the women and seeing their body language as they speak fills them out as people. This video captures the spirit of women in a far of culture in a way that a written document never could. Thank you for this resource. Rachael Barat

  • cheekymaori

    Inspiring and hopeful piece!
    5 stars

  • Vernetta R. Freeney

    This documentary is a great story to show how women band together despite differences and can accomplish anything. These women are not only making strides in Rwanda but for the whole world. Other women will hopefully see this story and become motivated to strengthen their communities or even their country. As I am. I applaud Wide Angle for telling stories that we as Americans may never be able to hear. I first heard of this particular story after watching a movie called, “Sometime In April.” I cried through the entire movie. It was so powerful and gut-wrenching. I also thought Hotel Rwanda was a great story but to see and truly feel the pain of the genocide watch “Sometime In April.” I hope this story will drive more people to step up and make a positive change in our world not only for today but for all future generations as well.

  • kimi ! :D

    this video sounds inspiring. telling us, that women are capable of doing what they want and how they want it to be done instead of a male telling them ” orders”

  • kimi ! :D

    part 3.

    i dont see why they are saying that they live so close, its kind of like they are making it sound like an issue, but in reality at least they all know where eachother are and they can spend time with eachother.

  • kimi ! :D

    part 4

    so are they saying that they orphans and widows are going to church to stay positive ?

  • kimi ! :D

    part 5

    they said that after the genocide the economy was in shambels (spelling) , but even before the genocide wasnt the economy bad ?

  • katie/m

    i think it is inspiring that one of the women is telling her friends to work instead of being a sterio type and just sittting at home.

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